Learn building Websites, Notes


  • Never forget the end tag </ >
  • <!– –> commenting


  1. <tagname>content goes here…</tagname>
  2. <h1> to <h6> is available to be utilized.
  3. <br />: a line break
  4. <html lang=”en-US”>
  5. <hr /> -> horizontal line for sepreating the content.
  6. <br /> -> new line sepreated, line breaker.
  7. <pre> </per>: -> display the content fixed-width form.
  8. <tagname stype=”property: value”>
  9. <address> a<br /> b<br /> c<br /> </adress>: displays the address of the author, and making an new line by <br>
  10. <cite>abc</cite>: the title of the work, display in italic form.
  11. CSS
    1. Inline CSS: <p style=”color”></p>
    2. Internal CSS: <style> p {color: red;} </style>
    3. External CSS: <head> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css”></head> / In style.css -> p {color: yellow;}
    4. p { border: 1px <!– border –>; padding: 30px; margin: 50px}
    5. specially ID: <head> #p01 {color: red} </head><body><p id=”p01″>abc</p></body>
    6. specially class(for anyone pre-dot it): <head><style>.black {color: black}</style></head><body><p class=”black”>abc</p>


  1. Displaying
    1. Links: <a href = “http://www.xxx.com”&gt; title </a>
    2. Pictures: <img src=”hyper-link” alt=”contents” width=”#” height=”#”>
      • alt=”contents”: displays contents when the hyper-link is dead.
    3. <head> </head>: -> containing the <meta> file


  1. background-color
  2. color
  3. font-family
  4. font-size
  5. text-align

Text-formatting: <tagname> <text-formatting></></>

  1. <b> bold
  2. <strong> strong
  3. <i> italic format
  4. <em> emphasized text
  5. <small> small
  6. <mark> highlight
  7. <del>
  8. <ins> insert
  9. <sub>
  10. <sup>
  11. <q> </q>-> “quoting for you”
  12. <blockquote cite=”http://www.com”></blockquote&gt; : reference of the quoting.
  13. <abbr title=”abc”></abbr>: making a abbreviation is easied to be searched by the searching enginer, also the abbr title will be viewed whe the mouse hovering the text.

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