Learning Language.

As you may notice, my writings indicate that I am not a native English speaker. I have been trying my best for learning English from third grade in elementary school. Until now, I am about to be an undergraduate soon.

During this decade, I went through lots of ways in learning English. In the beginning, I have been rewarded the gifts from my parents if getting a decent grade in the Eng-tests or exams, like other pupils. Even though I was attended of my behaviors in the classes and doing homework, I still hate remembering vocabulary at all, which was so difficult for me. I am invariably mis-spelling them all the time, which fortunately is improved currently thanks to the Chrome useful extensions and the auto-correcting applications.

The grammar of English is more incident than my native language. Easy to be handy and I love the loose structure of English sentences, which its rules are so user-friendly.

Besides, there are countless resources on the Internet, which is printed in English. Most of the authors are so funny and interesting. You will not ever get bored with these materials unless you have really really bad lucky that day.

If you are a native English speaker, I was so jealous of you a few years ago when I was fractured in searching how to master English better. You should know that.



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