Falling In Love Is Shitty For Me.

One of a few friends I have is falling in love with a girl. They know each other online and develop their relationship mostly through typing on the phone in the beginning. Right now they are traveling somewhere else. In fact, I am delighted that he finally jumps from love with the characters from anime into real love with real human being.

Likewise, I am not jealous about his situation at all, from the bottom of my heart. I have been there, and now I have free from there.

Love is the most mysterious and laborious thing in my world, according to my experience. You can be from joyous to extremely painful in a second, just by one word. It seems your balls are under control in her hands. When to twist, when to release, are unpredictable.

So, good luck dudes, for everyone falling in love. I hope you are able to enjoy this moment and die without regret.


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