Hello, friend.

Hello, friend. This is not the first time we meet, but you may not know me. I created and deleted so many blogs before, I assure most of them you have not known at all. However, that is fine.

It is nice to meet you here, the plain WordPress website I create again. I hope this is going to be the last one I create. You are my imaginary friend in the cyber world. I will tell you everything about me. Almost forget that my alias is Mini_Pingu.

I am almost graduate in two months ahead. I plan for another bachelor degree in order to systematically study the knowledge I really like, which is computer science. Most of the people hear about this crazy plan at first would suggest me to consider seriously the consequence of this, and do not waste another four years. I think they do not realize the real meaning of wasting. I have already wasted four years before in the degree I hate bite by bite. If I do not change my career when I am only 22 by participating another degree, my whole life will be a huge mistake eventually. That is wasting I am talking about.

I love programming. Facing the screen full of lines and codes costs nothing but makes me high. The feeling of learning new kinds of stuff every day and you are able to practice them immediately. This feels great.

I do not have friends. Programming is what I can do only and I love.


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